Ripping Vinyl to DSD Ripping Vinyl to FLAC
High resolution Vinyl Ripping to DSD or PCM
Any recording can only be as good as the source. So we use transcription turntables and a well matched arm and cartridge combination to extract the precious analogue signals. These signals are amplified using a valve [tube if you prefer] phono stage with optimised RIAA equalization to bring the signals to a suitable level for digitizing. For cassettes, we use machines with Play trim to tweak the response on playback for best effect. There is (was?) a wide choice of tape types, noise reduction and processing options available for cassettes, and we can handle them all; including Dolby S if required.
Levels are carefully set to maximize the signal to noise ratio witout entering clipping, which in the digital domain sounds awful!  This line level audio is then passed to the critical Analogue to Digital (A/D) converter. Our recorder can processes conversion to Pulse Code Modulated (PCM) audio up to a sampling rate of 192kHz or to Direct Stream Digital (DSD) at either 2.8 (DSD64) or 5.6MHz (DSD128) sampling.  We record one track per side of the record. Other sampling rates for PCM can be used depending on customer requirements. PCM files are store in the WAV format.
This is, depending on the customers requirements, the time consuming part.
Individual tracks can be extracted from the recording with filenames correspoding to the track name. These can be converted to a format that supports ID3 tagging to include information about the track number, album, track title and album art.
Customers can chose one or more of the following formats that their digital devices support (in any combination): FLAC (up to 24/192), DSD64/DSD128 (as dsf files), ALAC,AAC,MP3. Other formats may be available on request.
Note that WAV files do not fully support ID3 tagging, but this file format is required for transfers to CD.
The final part of the process is to transfer the processed files to the customers transfer medium, which could be a portable hard disk drive (HDD); flash memory cards (SD, micro SD, memory stick, or CF) or USB flash drives.
Transfer of the recordings is undertaken using professional Comapct Flash (CF) cards for greater data integrity.
High speed computing is then deployed to extract the recorded files ready for processing.
Example Folder Structure per Format
Example File Structures for Multiple Formats
You know your records sound good. Vinyl LPs and singles are a rich source of high resolution digital audio when recorded properly. They offer better than CD  frequency response , natural dynamics and, best of all, present music as music. LPs are still the best way to play recorded music in your home. However,  they can be damaged and are hardly  portable. We offer the ability to retain that vinyl sound on whatever digital device you wish by using state of the art analogue and digital equipment. You will be pleased how good your records sound on a digital player.

Choice of Formats

Don't panic if the jargon seems heavy. If you supply a list of your devices and your listening preferences we can recommend the best formats for you.
An increasing number of people have stated a preference for the DSD64 format, used for Super Audio CDs (SACDs); and the newer DSD128 format with twice the data.
We offer recordings in both DSD64 and DSD128 as an option; as well as lossy formats for in car and portable use. Playback of DSD is now possible from a PC using Foobar 2000 with a suitable plug in and a compatible Digital to Analogue (D/A) converter. Increasingly, high quality portable players and networked steamers also support DSD playback.

There is a detailed list of audio Coder/Decoders (CODECs) on Wikipedia at:
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