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High resolution Vinyl Ripping to DSD or PCM
Services & Prices
Vinyl Unlocked provides a bespoke service for our customers. The prices shown here are indicative. We would be delighted to quote against your requirements.
  1. Cleaning
    Using a professional cleaning machine with approved cleaning agents for best results. LP £2.50 Double LP £4 7 inch Single £1.50 12 inch single £2.50 12 inch records are returned in a new high quality inner sleeve
  2. Recording
    Prices for recording an LP; creating a single file per side in either WAV or DSD formats start from: £7 for standard resolution* £10 for high resolution** Contact us for full details. Price for recording compact cassettes: £4 for standard resolution* £6 for high resolution** *16 bit/44.1kHz sampling ** DSD64/128 or WAV up to 24 bit/192kHz
  3. Your Choices
    The basic price includes one file per side delivered on the media of your choice. You can then split the files as you wish. We also provide a bespoke service, including tagging per track, album art and multiple file formats to suit your needs. Prices range from £8 to £19 per LP depending on the specification you prefer.
  4. CD Transfer
    LP to CD transfer £8 per disc. This includes simple track numbering for playback on your CD player. (CD quality is 16 bit/44.1kHz sampling only)
  5. Advice
    For friendly advice on the best options for you, including suggestions for the best methods of playing back your digitized records and cassettes please contact us.
  6. CD Ripping
    We can rip your CDs providing a bit perfect copy on the media of your choice.. CDs cannot be offered in the High Resolution formats we offer for LPs due to the limitation of the CD format. Files will have full ID3 tagging. £1 per CD for two formats Add 50p per disc for additional formats
  7. Used Hi Fi Repairs and Refurbishment
    We offer a repair, refurbishment, buying and selling service for quality hi fi. Like other electromechanical devices hi fi needs to be periodically serviced to keep operating in peak condition. We only replace those parts that regularly fail and provide a quote before work is undertaken. You'll be pleasantly surprised how good we can make your older kit. Valve or transistor equipment welcome. All work is guaranteed for 3 months. Capacitor replacement a speciality!