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High resolution Vinyl Ripping to DSD or PCM
Vinyl Unlocked
Play your records anywhere!
A personally tailored, technically advanced service for cleaning and ripping vinyl LPs & singles and CDs. Play  high quality digital copies of your favourite music in the car or on modern digital hi-fi systems, portable players, computers or mobile phones.
Using high quality playing and recording equipment, we pride ourselves on producing excellent results for transfer to your digital devices; whilst you retain your precious records.
We also clean your LPs and singles to ensure the best recording - in  high quality WAV, FLAC or DSD. These fils can be further processed into any common format.

NEW for 2016 - we now also offer cassette tape transfers using high quaity cassette playback machines with the all important Play Trim facility to get the best from your tapes.
Clean, Record and Transfer
Helpful Staff
Other services
We offer a friendly, bespoke service to meet your requirements.  Call us to discuss the options and impartial advice on the best way to enjoy your records when you can't get to your turntable! 
High quality CD ripping to the format(s) of your choice.
Record cleaning.
Digital file format conversion; including DSD (dsf or dff formats).
Cassette tape transfers.
Bespoke analogue to digital conversion.
Repairs and refurbishment of  equipment.
Used hi fi bought and sold.

We recommend strongly that you have your records cleaned professionally before recording. Recorded records can be provided in multiple formats to suit your devices including DSD. Track splitting, identification and album art can be added. Call for details of the packages on offer.
Welcome to Vinyl Unlocked
First and foremost, we are music lovers, vinyl enthusiasts  and hi fi experts. As a business we are committed to providing our customers a high quality service to unlock your treasured LPs &  singles and release them from the shackles of the turntable. We pride ourselves on taking the same care to obtain the best results for our customers as we do with our own records.

World Designs Website Goes Live

Here at Vinyl Unlocked one of the phono stages we use for our recordings  is a World Designs Phono3. Their excellent amplifiers are also in daily use. Recently Vinyl Unlocked completed a makeover of their website,
Worth a visit if you, like us, like the sound of valve amplification.

Vinyl Unlocked on Facebook

We now have a Facebook page. 

Used Hi Fi

From October we will be offering  a repair & refurbishment service for quality audio equipment. Vinyl Unlocked will also be dealing in quality used hi fi. Contact us for details.

Contact details Changed

From 22nd July 2017 our contact number has changed. We can now be reached on 07760 883009 or by e mail or on Facebook.

Technical Stuff

Your Choices
We record your records in either high resolution WAV (up to 24/192), DSD (DSD64 or DSD128) or standard resolution (CD quality).
The recording format depends on your choice of playback device(s).
Once recorded the two files (one per side) are transferred to high powered audio processing computers for manipulation in the digital domain. 
Depending or your needs and wants we can convert the high resolution files to other formats (e.g. FLAC), add album art and tag the tracks and copy to the media of your choice.
If you prefer you can process the raw files yourself from the high quality recording.
Our simplest, most cost effective service is to provide a single file per LP side.
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Vinyl Unlocked
Why choose Vinyl Unlocked?
We care about the details, those little things that others may overlook.
We take a little longer to set things up properly (recording levels, cartridge condition, warming up equipment, checking files) so that our customers can rely on the results.
Top quality hi fi, recording and cleaning equipment. No compromises.
We future proof your collection by offering multiple formats - keeping  your options open for future playback.
Call today.